SBK Official Mobile Game

We’re proud to be developing, together with our sister company Digital Tales, the official video game of the Superbike championship for the iOS and Android platforms.

SBK Official Mobile Game levels up to fuel your passion for speed: the most realistic superbike racing experience on mobile is back—faster, better and badder than ever!

Hop on your favorite sportbike and race it out in the officially licensed game of the Motul FIM Superbike World Championship. Buckle up for upgraded graphics and physics, an even more flexible control system and plenty of new features, as requested by our loyal community of players:


With more content and features coming soon in regular updates—including Career and Multiplayer modes, bike and rider customization, and changing weather conditions—SBK Official Mobile Game is completely free to download and includes optional in-app purchases (which can be disabled from your device settings) and in-game ads.

PLEASE NOTE that a network connection is required to play, and that the game may collect user data through third-party platforms—as detailed in our Privacy Policy and subject to your consent.


A letter started everything: alchemist and old friend Gregorio asks for help, praying to join him at his mansion.
Something terrible happened: the Devil Abraxas, Guardian of the Underworld, has appeared with his servants. Through terrible prodigies they gained access to our world
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are here. War, Plague, Famine and Death will be unleashed. Unless someone willing to sacrifice everything does not stop them.


  • More than 40 locations to explore.
  • More than 40 minigames and puzzles to solve.
  • Several difficulty levels and possibility to skip puzzles.
  • The story of the origin of Nostradamus’ prescience.

Pirate’s Dice

Challenge your friends with this fantastic dice game inspired by the ancient Peruvian mechanics also known as Perudo.
Play as one of your favorite pirates against opponents from around the world, to win your gold coins booty.


  • Large set of implemented rules with all known variants.
  • Single Player mode: to play offline with 1 to 3 opponents controlled by the artificial intelligence.
  • Multi Player mode: to challenge up to 3 of your friends on the network.
  • Captivating cartoon graphics and ability to customize your portrait and emoticons to chat with your friends.
  • Parrot’s tricks (single player mode only): your parrot will look at your opponents dice, but be careful … the tip is not always the right one!


Enter the world of Kudoku, an innovative puzzle game where arithmetics is everything. Challenge accepted?

Reach incredible scores and climb ladders in this mind-bending game. Become the number one!

The objective is simple: score enough points by finding as many combinations of addends as possible within the time limit! The Addends specify how many numbers you need to sum up to reach a level’s Killer number. Complete levels to gain experience points and rank up, thus unlocking awesome rewards and new worlds to play!


  • Test your mettle in 80+ levels across 6 worlds!
  • Power-ups: reach incredible scores by freezing the timer and pelting the grid with explosions!
  • Leaderboards: can you become a Kudoku wizard? Prove it by posting an unbeatable score!
  • Achievements: so many awards! Can you achieve them all?
  • Customize your profile and in-game field to your heart’s content!

Turret Fighters

Assemble your Turret and command Archers, Knights, Monks, and other powerful Fighters against countless enemies in a battle for supremacy, fame, and… sweet booty!

Her Majesty the Queen has issued the Grand Call: only the boldest and bravest defenders of the realm will be honoured with the title of Turret Meister! Drive back monstrous raiders and defeat other contestants to earn the title and stand tall against ever-growing menaces and foils.


  • Build your turret with multiple floors, such as the Shaolin Temple, the Pirate’s Cove, the Princess’ Boudoir and many other to be discovered.
  • Collect floors for your turret.
  • Choose your unique fighting strategy.
  • Increase your power evolving your floors and units.
  • Fight against powerful enemy turrets and claim your loot.

Jake Escapes

Meet Jake, the world’s greatest thief. In fact he is such a good thief that he has become somewhat bored with stealing altogether and he is now desperate for the ultimate challenge.
Then there’s Doc, Jake’s friend and clever scientist. Doc managed to crack the Echelon Network and discovered the existence of an alien artefact known only as the G.R.A.I.L., hidden away in Area 51.
Stealing the G.R.A.I.L. is the least of Jake’s worries; dealing with its awesome power is another matter entirely! Oh yeah, and the Crime Lords…


  • Use intuitive touch screen controls to stay ahead of the chase!
  • Complete jobs by collecting items and help solve the G.R.A.I.L. enigma.
  • Tap on enemies to have Doc blast them.
  • Defeat the deadly Crime Lords in challenging battles.
  • Climb, dodge, jump and fight as you scale the skyscrapers of each Crime Lord.