Our ambition is:

“To create an entertainment experience that involves the whole world.
It doesn’t matter where the users are playing, but how satisfied they are!”


Just Funny Games means a team of professionals that is able to operate in different kinds of businesses while keeping passion, professionalism, and competence intact.
The company is born from the fusion of different projects and experiences, with the intent of creating a new container, unique in its kind.
The continuous research in new technological sectors and a constant dedication to create innovative solutions are among its primary traits.
With experience in mobile, gaming, and enterprise, our objective is to take our skills and know-how into any new project.


We are able to engage any project in the industry with complete autonomy, thanks to our internal skills and the great chemistry that we established with valid external associates. We also work as technological partners on third party projects, collaborating and integrating with more complex teams.
Our products span multiple genres and targets, from educational apps, to core games, to industrial gaming applications. Each of our projects is global and multi-platform!


We’ve successfully taken the passion and professionalism acquired from the gaming world to the enterprise world. Along with the application development, we are able to give a big contribution on project analysis and its actual production, integrating with the structure and the tools that clients puts at our disposal.


There’s often the need and the ambition to bring your applications to many different platforms, expanding your user-base. We know and study every technology in-depth. Our knowledge allows us to migrate a product from one platform to another while keeping its original traits and at the same time taking advantage of all the potential at your disposal.


We put our skills and know-how at the service of your company’s growth.
We identify new business models and new kinds of products and services.
We make the “funny” side rise out of the most “boring” of businesses!