Gianluca Marani

CEO & Co-Fondatore

"Forza e Onore"

Nicholas Roncatti


“Buy a gallon of milk, and if there are eggs at the grocery store, get 6". I got home with 7 gallons of milk and got grounded

Alberto Zimino

3D Generalist

"I live life one pixel at a time"

Marco Mandia

Lazy (Loading) Developer

“All I have is this rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle”

Fabio Gaudenzi

Software Engineer and Rubber Duck Debugger

“That never happened before”

Samuele Granzotto

2D Art Alchemist

“When you fall in love with your art it’s the right moment to die happy”

Luca Dal Corso

Software Engineer

"...e neppure la notte ti lascia da solo: gli altri sognan se stessi e tu sogni di loro"

Alberto Bambini

Software Engineer

"There's that word again. "Heavy." Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?"

Monica Pasotto


Filled with determination

Federico Lupis

Software Engineer

Simone Turello

Software Engineer